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The Star Wars™ Collection II

The Star Wars™ Collection II

SKU: 810095590528

The finest soap in the galaxyTM


Open this limited edition collectors box and master your fate, featuring four uniquely crafted bar soaps inspired by legendary Star Wars™ masters and their apprentices on the light and dark sides.


May the ForceTM be with you.


In a galaxy full of synthetic detergents filled with harsh chemicals, Dr. Squatch brings a new hope to your soap. Made with natural, nourishing ingredients, our Star Wars™ Soap Collection II is a force to be reckoned with.


Made from natural oils

No harsh chemicals

Cold process

Sustainably sourced

  • Jedi™ master Luke Skywalker™

    Join The Light Side


    Masterful, Rugged & Cool, Just Like a Squatch Man Should be.

    Paying tribute to the heroic Jedi™ master Luke Skywalker™, Legendary Lather will inspire you to look within. Embark on your quest to become the master of your shower with this soothing blend of smoothing Five Finger Grass, softening Water Elder and a breezy, grassy scent.

  • Rey Skywalker™

    Join The Light Side


    Uplifting, Energizing & Warm, Just Like a Squatch Man Should Be.

    Inspired by the rise of Rey Skywalker™ and her journey of discovery, Resistance Rinse will awaken your senses and help you find balance with lightly-exfoliating Electric Daisy and rejuvenating Resurrection Flower. The bright, refreshing scent will empower you in the path of your shower destiny.

  • Emperor Palpatine™

    Embrace The Dark Side


    Powerful, Electrifying & Tempting, Just Like a Squatch Man Should Be.

    Experience the path to unlimited lather with this electrifying bar inspired by Emperor Palpatine™. Feel the power of exfoliating Black Currant and conditioning Black Heart at your fingertips while the intense, spicy aromas of Sinister Scrub pull you in.

  • Kylo Ren™

    Embrace The Dark Side


    Complex, Bold & Stormy, Just Like a Squatch Man Should Be.

    Inspired by the powerful Kylo Ren™, this bar walks the line between good and evil. Fortified with exfoliating Rhyolite and smoothing Love Lies Bleeding Oil, Suds of Darkness will tempt your senses to the dark side with its rich and musky amber scent.

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