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The Guardian

The Guardian

THE GUARDIAN Get back at corn bandits by giving them a shock they will not forget. We have seen Raccoons drain a 1000 pound corn feeder in less then 30 days. The Guardian will save you money in the long run by shocking all Raccoons, Squirrels, birds and more that are trying to reach the spinner plate on feeder. The Guardian could easily pay for itself in 1 year by not letting unwanted animals spin your corn out. No more need for cages that cause most of your corn to drop straight under the feeder and can be a pain to get in and out of to change feed times or to work on something in the motor box. Guardian is designed to allow maximum spread of your corn. Designed to fit standard 12V motor boxes and will shock any animal attempting to reach the spinner plate. Easily mounts to standard 12V motor boxes. Runs off existing 12V feeder battery. Super low battery drain. Guardian and timer will run for about 2 months on a standard 12V feeder battery without a solar panel. With a standard feeder solar panel, it will run indefinitely as long as the battery and solar panel are good and the solar panel gets at least 4 hours of direct sunlight on a sunny day.  This is assuming your feeder doesn't throw corn more then 20 seconds a day and your using "The Timer" as your timer as this is what we tested them with. Wiring is Simply plug and play in most cases. Tools you will need to install the Guardian: A 1/4 or 3/16 inch drill bit and drill to drill one hole in the top of your motor box. A pair of pliers or a 8mm socket to remove the two nuts that secure the 12V motor to the motor box, a flat head or Phillips head screwdriver to remove your spinner plate from the motor shaft. Each Guardian comes with a full set of instructions with pictures on how to install. We highly recommend you use a spinner plate that doesn't move up and down when it throws corn with the Guardian as that is what is was designed for. While it will work with some spinner plates that move up and down when they throw corn, it will not work with some of them as they sit too high when in the up position.  There are  pictures of normal spinner plates that don't move up and down when they throw corn Please look at the 4th picture in the album of the side by side comparison of a spinner plate that will not work and opne that will, but is not recommended.  There are all kinds of spinner plates that don't move up and down but we only show a couple of them because we haven't seen one that will not work with the Guardian. If you are not sure if you have a Standard 12V motor box, look at the pictures 5 and 6 in our album, of a standard 12V motor box with the Guardian installed. Most 12V feeders use a standard 12V motor box. The top of standard motor boxes measure about 9 inches wide by 7 inches deep.
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