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The Batman™ Collection

The Batman™ Collection

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In a city full of endless grime, the dangers of synthetic detergents lurk around every corner. Featuring two limited edition bar soaps inspired by The Batman™ and The Riddler™, only you can uncover the clues within to help save Gotham City™ and restore your clean routine to glory!

  • The Batman™ Bricc

    Vigilant, Mysterious & Enduring, Just Like a Squatch Man Should Be.

    Inspired by the masked vigilante who brings justice to Gotham City, this grime-fighting bricc will restore your clean routine to glory. Featuring a warm, leathery scent and ingredients like skin-conditioning Life-of-Man, calming Chase-Devil and exfoliating Bamboo Powder, The Batman™ Bricc is your vengeance against dirt and scum.

  • The Riddler™ Enigma

    Intense, Devious & Puzzling, Just Like a Squatch Man Should Be.

    Inspired by the devious ways of The Riddler™, the scent of this bricc is a mystery that only you can uncover. Solve the riddle on the package to find the password and unlock the true scent of The Riddler™ Enigma. These sinister suds feature a complex blend of skin-conditioning Goldenrod, calming Devil's Plaything, and aromatic Felon Herb.

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