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SwimMax Wedge Head Weedless Jigs

SwimMax Wedge Head Weedless Jigs

Stanley SwimMax Hooks Stanley SwimMax Hooks are designed to work on any soft plastic lure. Originally designed for Frogs and Swimbaits, this design has evolved into a new way of “Swimmin” a wide variety of soft plastics. You can use a SwimMax Hook to fish shallow, deep, and also in and around structure. It’s especially effective in grass. Use it on a Brushhog, Ribbit, tube, craw, or swimbait. Comes in 2/pk• Available in two hook sizes- 4/0 (1/8 oz weight)- 5/0 (1/8 oz weight , 1/4 oz weight) *PLEASE NOTE THAT THE 4/O HOOK IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THE 1/4 OZ WEIGHT SIZE
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