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Summer Citrus Soap Bar

Summer Citrus Soap Bar

SKU: 810095591921

Get Dirty, Stay Clean®

Summer Citrus

Bright, Refreshing, Uplifting Just Like a Squatch Man Should Be.


Bright and refreshing like a cold drink on a hot summer day, these freshly-squeezed suds will revitalize your skin from head to toe. Featuring Orange and Lemon Peel, this gently exfoliating lather will leave you feeling energized while the uplifting citrus scent transports you to a warm summer afternoon. Get ready to kickback and relax, it’s summertime in the shower year-round.


Light Grit

Lemon Peel & Orange Peel

5 oz. Bar

Made from natural oils

No harsh chemicals

Cold process

Sustainably Sourced

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