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Pine Tar Deodorant

Pine Tar Deodorant

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Squatch Odors at the Source

Pine Tar

Rugged & Woodsy


Dr. Squatch natural men’s deodorant keeps you fresh so that you can go about your day with confidence, no matter where it takes you. Our Odor-Squatching® system fights potential sources of B.O from every angle with powerful natural deodorizers such as charcoal powder to block odor, probiotics help to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria, and arrowroot powder to absorb moisture. With a smooth glide application and skin-nourishing moisturizers like jojoba and shea butter, our deodorant is gentle on your skin and leaves you—and your pits—ready for any adventure.


2.65 oz.

Odor-Squatching® System

No harsh chemicals

Aluminum Free

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